Approved Substitutions - Specialization in Machine Learning Electives

Course/NumberCourse TItle
CS 6471Computational Social Science
CS 6601Artificial Intelligence
CS 6603/CS 8803 AISAI, Ethics and Society 
CS 7280Network Science
CS 7290Advanced Microarchitecture
CS 7476Advanced Computer Vision
CS 7632Game AI
CS 7634 AI Storytelling in Virtual Worlds
CS 7637Knowledge Based AI
CS 7647/CS 8803 LSMachine Learning with Limited Supervision
CS 7648Interactive Robot Learning
CS 7649Robot Intelligence: Planning
CS 7651Human and Machine Learning
CS/CSE/ECE/ISYE 7750/CS 8803 MTHMath Foundations Mach Learning
CS/CSE/ECE/ISYE 7751/CS 8803 MGGraphical Models in ML
CS 8803 AAAdvanced Algorithms and Uncertainty
CS 8803 ACRAdaptive Control and Reinforcement
CS 8803 BMExpressive AI
CS 8803 CABComputational and the Brain
CS/ISyE 8803 CMMFoundations of Data Privacy
CS 8803 CVLComputer Vision and Language
CS 8803 DAADesign & Analysis of Algorithms 
CS 8803 DDLData Analytics using Deep Learning
CS 8803 DML/DMMData Management and ML
CS 8803 DLMDeep Learning for Robotics
CS 8803 DRLDeep Reinforcement Learning
CS 8803 EAIExplainable AI
CS 8803 EMLEfficient Machine Learning
CS 8803 GNNGraph Neural Networks
CS 8803 HAIHuman AI Interaction
CS 8803 HMLHuman and Machine Learning
CS 8803 IRLInteractive Robot Learning
CS 8803 LLMLarge Language Models
CS 8803 MCEMarkov Chains and Emergence
CS 8803 MGAMassive Graph Analysis
CS 8803 MMMobile Manipulation
CS 8803 NLPAdv Natural Language Processing
CS 8803 R (Fall 2023)Conversational AI
CS 8803 RLRDeep RL for Int. Ctrl
CS 8803 SALSystems for AI LLMS
CS 8803 SMLStatistical Machine Learning
CS 8803 SMRSystems for Machine Learning
CS 8803 TOITheory of Intelligence
CS 8803 VLMVision-Language Foundation Models
CS 8813 RIntro to Research in ML, Robotics, and CS
CSE 6243Advanced Topics in Machine Learning
CSE 7850/CSE 8803 MLBMachine Learning in Computational Biology
CSE 8803 DLTDeep Learning for Text Data
CSE 8803 DSNData Science for Social Networks
CSE 8803 EPIData Science for Epidemiology
CSE 8803 IDMImaging: data-driven models
CSE 8803 IUCIntro to Urban Computing
CSE 8803 IUQIntro to Uncertainty Quantification
CSE 8803 MLCMachine Learning for Chemistry
CSE 8803 MLGMachine Learning with Graphs
CSE 8803 NDANumerical Data Analytics
CSE 8803 SMLScientific Machine Learning
BMED 6517Machine Learning in Biosciences
BMED 7610Computational Neuroscience
ECE 6254Stat Machine Learning
ECE 6270Convex Optimization
ECE/BMED 6790Information Processing Models in Neural Systems
INTA 8803 LRHacking for Defense
ISYE 6663Nonlinear Optimization
ISYE 7406Data Mining & Statistical Learning
ISYE 8803Topics on High Dimensional Data Analyt
ISYE 8813 MAGFirst Order Methods in Opt
MATH 6262Statistical Estimation
MGT 6452Machine Learning for Business