Approved Substitutions - Specialization in Machine Learning Electives

Course/Number Course TItle
CS 6601 Artificial Intelligence
CS 8803 MG Graphical Models in ML
CS 8803 IRL Interactive Robot Learning
CS 8803 DML/DMM Data Managment and ML
CS 7476 Advanced Computer Vision
CS 8803 CVL Computer Vision and Language
CS 8803 SML Statistical Machine Learning
CS 8803 ACR Adaptve Control and Reinformcement
CS 8803 MGA Massive Graph Analysis
CS 8803 DDL Data Analytics using Deep Learning
CS 8803 MTH/ECE/CS 7750 Math Foundations Mach Learning
ECE 6254 Stat Machine Learning
INTA 8803 LR Hacking for Defense
CSE 8803 DLT Deep Learning for Text Data
CS/ISyE 8803 CMM Foundations of Data Privacy
CS 7632 Game AI
CS 7280 Network Science
CS 8803 LS ML with Limited Supervision
CS 8803 MCE Markov Chains and Emergence
CS 8803 DAA Design & Analysis of Algorithms 
CS 8803 AIS AI, Ethics and Society 
MATH 6262 Statistical Estimation
CS 8803 SMR Systems for Machine Learning
CSE 8803 EPI Data Science for Epidemiology