Tutoring Assistance

Are you having trouble with a particular CS class? Is a certain program giving you trouble?

The College of Computing has gifted tutors on hand to help fellow students with troublesome courses and concepts.  Need based tutoring is available in the following courses as resources permit:

  • CS 1301
  • CS 1331
  • CS 1332
  • CS 2050
  • CS 2110
  • CS 2200 
  • CS 3510
  • Math 3012
  • Other CS courses as resources allow

Schedule a Tutoring Session


Click here to learn how to set a tutoring appointment with a CoC tutor. When you are ready, you can visit this link to set a tutoring appointment. Please review the student expectations of tutoring before requesting a tutor.

By requesting a tutor, you indicate that you have read, understand, and agree to abide by the student expectations of tutoring.

Tutoring is a supplementary service in conjunction with other academic support options. Tutoring is not designed to replace Teacher's Aids or Recitation. Please use the CoC TA labs as well as other on campus resources in order to maximize your chances of success this semester.

*Note: Questions, comments, and/or requests for tutors in courses not listed above can be sent to coctutoring@cc.gatech.edu.


Peer-Led Undergraduate Study (PLUS)


The College of Computing offers Peer-Led Undergraduate Study (PLUS) sessions to provide opportunities for students enrolled in traditionally challenging courses to work together to review course content, develop learning and study strategies, and prepare for exams.  These voluntary sessions are offered several times each week in a hybrid/virtual format and are facilitated by tutors who have already successfully completed the course.  Students will develop effective study skills and prepare themselves to be successful in the course.  For more information on the plus session schedule please email coctutoring@cc.gatech.edu.   


Apply to be a Tutor

Thank you for your interest in tutoring for the college of computing!

If you enjoy teaching others and are interested in becoming a College of Computing tutor, we are always looking for tutors to fill the demands for course help.

Join our academic support team by filling out the Tutor Application form

Applicants who are selected for interview will exclusively be notified. Otherwise, your application will be retained for our records. You will have to apply for each respective semester you are interested in tutoring.

Note: Graduate students cannot be undergraduate tutors. Request a tutor in the section above.