Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Computing with Real-World Impact

Computer science is the base for countless industries and disciplines. Today’s employers need graduates with both a solid foundation in the principles of computer science and specialized computing skills and backgrounds — individuals with a generalist’s knowledge, but an expert’s eye for innovation and problem-solving. 

It only makes sense that computer science education reflects this reality. The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS) program at the Georgia Tech College of Computing prepares students to leave school with the tools needed to become innovators and global leaders in computing.

If you are interested in the ways that computing can help define your world, apply to the BSCS program.

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Degree Requirements

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Core Requirements Overview

Customize and Specialize with Threads

Uncover the countless ways our students can customize their degree with our 8 Threads. Developed by College of Computing faculty, Threads sets the standard for the future of computer science learning in the United States. Explore opportunities and find out which Threads fit your goals. 

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Beyond the Bachelor's Degree

Explore the steps necessary to continue your education in one of the College of Computing's Master of Science or Ph.D. programs

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