Tom Conte

Computing Appoints CS Professor to Associate Dean for Research

The College of Computing at Georgia Tech is pleased to announce the appointment of Thomas Conte as its new Associate Dean for Research.

“Tom is not only a top-notch researcher himself, but also an experienced research administrator,” said Charles Isbell, dean and John P. Imlay, Jr. chair of computing. “We are lucky to have him in leadership.”

Conte, a professor with a joint appointment in the schools of Computer Science and Electrical & Computer Engineering, has served in a variety of research administration positions. He was a founding director of the Center for Research into Novel Computing Hierarchies (CRNCH). In 2015, Conte served as the president of the IEEE-Computer Society, where he initiated a research advisory board. He co-founded and has also co-led the IEEE Rebooting Computing Initiative since 2012.

As Associate Dean for Research, Conte will work directly with the office of the Vice President of Innovation and Research on issues ranging from campus research initiatives to commercialization. He will help coordinate grant-writing across College units, and provide mentorship for faculty developing research directions and contacts. He will also coordinate the allocation of research space across the college.

“The Georgia Tech College of Computing leadership is a dynamic, innovative team,” Conte said. “I’m looking forward to joining this team and on working with our diverse faculty to advance the College’s research leadership.”