Anh Le is set to graduate with a CS degree. Photo by Bob Nguyen

Grad Strives to Make Positive Change with CS

As she prepares to graduate from Georgia Tech, computer science (CS) major Anh Le reflects on her journey from a childhood fascination with science to her recent impactful contributions to the campus community.

The Path to CS

From an early age, Le was interested in science. Her CS journey began with a strong foundation in mathematics and an interest in societal issues, nurtured through her participation in Vietnam's National Debate Team. Through these experiences, Le discovered her desire to make a tangible impact on the world.

Anh Le is set to graduate with a CS degree. Photo by Bob Nguyen.
Anh Le is set to graduate with a CS degree. Photos by Tyler Parker.

“Computer science is the perfect intersection that allows me to pursue my interests as well as being able to make a positive change, no matter how small, on others,” Le said.

Le says she was drawn to Georgia Tech’s reputation for excellence in technology and innovation, as well as its commitment to progress and service.

“I envisioned myself not just acquiring technical expertise but also collaborating with like-minded individuals to develop solutions that matter,” she said.

Community and Collaboration

At Georgia Tech, Le worked as a Teaching Assistant (TA) for CS 1332 for six semesters. For her, the joy of being a TA lies in helping students grasp complex concepts and in the sense of belonging and support fostered within the CS 1332 community.

Anh Le. Photo by Tyler Parker.
Le served as a TA for six semesters during her time at Georgia Tech. Photo by Bob Nguyen.

“When I transferred from my community college to Georgia Tech, CS 1332 was one of the first classes I took. There was a perfect balance between breadth and depth in the class content. That’s how I decided to become a TA for the course,” Le said. “I think it’s rare to find a community like my fellow TAs. The support we have for each other amazes me.”

Additionally, mentorship from instructors like Mary Hudachek-Buswell, Mahdi Roozbahani, and Srinivas Aluru has played a pivotal role in guiding Anh's academic and professional growth.

Bridging Theory and Practice

Outside of her TA responsibilities, Anh has been actively engaged in VIP teams and research with Professor Srinivas Aluru in High-Performance Computing and the Automated Algorithm Design VIP. 

Le also gained experience through an internship with Apple on the iOS Home Screen team. She says this opportunity provided firsthand insights into the fast-paced world of industry work, teaching her to pick up new skills in a limited amount of time. 

Looking to the Future

After graduation, Le will return as a full-time software developer to Apple in Cupertino, California.

For aspiring computer scientists, Le advises not be discourages by the initial learning curve and to seek community and mentorship along the way. 

“It's wise to seek advice from upperclassmen or mentors who can provide insights into which classes are crucial for your long-term goals. Alternatively, carefully consider your career or academic plan to understand the significance of each class,” she said. 

“Make it a priority to find your community here at Tech. The people at Georgia Tech, I believe, represent the institution’s most distinctive feature. Our diverse and dynamic community is a melting pot of ideas, cultures, and aspirations, making it an unparalleled environment for growth and discovery.”