Undergraduate Academic Resources

Academic Advisors for the College of Computing

List of Academic Advisors:

• Advisors can help with course scheduling, degree requirements, navigating registration, as well as other general academic concerns

• Reach out to your advisor via email or to schedule an appointment with them please use the appointment scheduler found here.

Academic Coaching Options - College and Campus Wide

• Georgia Tech’s Center for Academic Success

• Academic Coaching in the College of Computing: Troy Peace, email: tpeace@cc.gatech.edu

Career Services, Internships, Co-ops, and On Campus Employment

 Campus Career Center: 

• Assists with career counseling, job search advice, co-op and internship info, salary calculator tools, etc.

College of Computing Career Development:

• Provides information on internships/co-ops, career fairs, startups/entrepreneurships, etc.

Counseling Center:

• Provides personality inventories or meet with a counselor to discuss career and life decisions.

Georgia Tech Alumni Association: 

• Assists with networking, mentoring, job opportunities, etc.

On Campus Employment

Dean of Students Help Request

Click here to request help from the Dean’s Office: Request help with class absences, form submissions, and personal crisis management

Office of Disability Services: Assists students with documented disabilities obtain the accommodations and services they require. List of services include disability services, LGBTQIA Resources, Diversity Issues, and other

STAR Services: Emergency assistance for basic needs like food, clothing, shelter

Extra-Curricular Activities

Undergraduate Research:

Look up different research opportunities on campus

Intramural Sports

Center for Student Engagement

Georgia Tech Student Organizations:

• Review a complete list of active organizations

College of Computing Student Organizations

Support Services and Co-curricular Programs: 

• Activities that provide opportunities for self-exploration, real-world leadership and a fulfilling student-life are also an important part of the learning experience, and it is widely recognized that involved students are more satisfied with and gain more from their college experience.

Georgia Tech Athletics: 

• Support Georgia Tech Athletics in intercollegiate competition

GT Observatory:

• Gaze into the sky at Tech

GT Poetry:

• Share the art of poetry with Georgia Tech students and communities across Georgia. Poetry@Tech organizes programs to promote poetry and poetics.

GT Drama: 

• DramaTech offers a thriving theatrical laboratory environment at Georgia Tech that enriches the greater Atlanta community through innovative and diverse live performances.

GT Student Center (including Tech Rec):

• As the central hub for campus life, the Student Center provides a complete range of social, artistic, cultural, and recreational activities for both students and the campus community to enjoy.

ARTS @ Tech:

• Supports artists, students, and faculty working at the innovative and inspiring intersection of art, science, and technology.

Mentor and Leadership Programs

College of Computing Mentoring:

• A yearlong program that provides CoC students the opportunity to develop their professional and leadership skills.

Georgia Tech Leadership Program:

• Gives participating students the opportunity to learn and practice effective leadership skills that can be applied to all areas of their personal and professional lives, now and in the future.

GT Mentor Jackets:

• Mentor Jackets connects alumni and current Georgia Tech students in mutually fulfilling mentoring relationships focused on academic, personal, and professional goals.


• Edge is a peer mentoring program designed to support incoming students – both freshmen and transfers – during their first year at Georgia Tech. Incoming students are paired with a successful upperclassman, or “Edge Leader,” who will serve as a peer mentor and offer support to help new students acclimate academically and socially during their first year.

Women In Engineering M&M Mentoring Program:

• Women in Engineering encourages mentoring pairs between upperclassmen and underclassmen

Personal Support and Crisis Management

Counseling Center: 

• Provides a range of services (for individual or group sessions) such as personal development, mental health, stress management/prevention, grief and loss, etc.

Stamps Health Services:

• Provides services for short-term and long- term assistance for a range of wellness issues.

Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid: 

• Assists with questions about Hope, Zell, scholarships, student loans, financing school, etc.

GT Police: 

• Get support from campus police.


• Helps students who are dealing with sexual harassment or assault find support and resolution.

LGBTQIA Resource Center:

• Provides resources for LGBTQIA students such as support groups, student activities, counseling, etc.

Women’s Resource Center:

• Offers a wide range of programming on women’s interests.

Time Management/Test Anxiety Concerns/School Strategy

Campus Wide Tutoring Options

1-to-1 Tutoring with the Center for Academic Success:

• Free, appointment-based tutoring program offered by the Center for Academic Success. Covers multiple subjects like lab sciences, math, english, etc.

Counseling Center

• Schedule an appointment with a counselor or attend a workshop on topics such as stress management.

Success Workshops 

• Offers a variety of workshops such as time management, procrastination, studying for exams, etc.


Tutoring Options - College and Campus Wide

1-to-1 Tutoring with the College of Computing:

• Offers tutoring in CS 1301, CS 1331, CS 1332, CS 2050, CS 2110, CS 2200, CS 3510, and Math 3012.

Communication assistance with the Communications Lab:

• Offers help with written projects, senior design projects, lab reports, individual/group projects, etc. Drop-in Tutoring (No appointment necessary)

Commons Help Desk Tutoring:

• Drop-in tutoring available for chemistry, physics, CS 1371 and math courses.

Learning Assistance Program (LAP) with campus housing:  

• Offers tutoring for math, CS, chemistry and physics.

Math Lab with the School of Mathematics:

• The School of Mathematics offers free tutoring for a variety of math courses.

The Office of Minority Education (OMED) Educational Services Tutoring Program:  

• Walk-up tutoring, study sessions, study groups and concept classes in math, science, CS, and engineering.

GT Library:

• The GT Library provides study spaces, workshops, and academic resources

Peer-led Undergrad Study (PLUS) Sessions: 

• Peer-led Undergrad Study sessions designed to review course content, develop learning, and study strategies and prepare for exams.

Professor/TA Office Hours for your courses:

• Days and times may vary, refer to your syllabus for more information.

Additional Academic Resources