students at organization fair
students at organization fair
students at organization fair

Student Organizations

Student organizations provide academic, professional and social support and development. Within these organizations, students build connections that will last a lifetime. Membership in any of the College of Computing’s diverse student organizations will hone your leadership skills and provide a forum for you to learn from fellow students.

If you would like to form a College of Computing student organization, fill out the application here.

Anime O-Tekku

Anime O-Tekku has been Georgia Tech's anime club since 1995, when a group of fans put together a student organization that provided a venue in which to watch anime from Japan regularly. The club grew through a huge mailing list, word-of-mouth, and Georgia Tech community support. Anime O-Tekku is now one of the oldest still-surviving anime clubs in the state and welcomes new members from Georgia Tech and the surrounding community.

Big Data Big Impact

Big Data Big Impact (BDBI) at Georgia Tech's College of Computing facilitates diverse, full-stack, data- intensive projects students work together on over a year. BDBI aligns each project with social good themes based on U.N. sustainability goals; BDBI's projects focus on 1) analysis and machine learning, (2) platform and data infrastructure, and (3) data visualization. Some of BDBI's notable projects include Wildfire Risk Detection, Fake News Detection, Solar Forecasting, and MARTA route analysis.

Big O Theory Club
Big O Theory Club is a place for students interested in theoretical CS topics to learn more and meet other students with similar interests. Most of our officers are involved with research in a variety of CS disciplines, and we hope to encourage more students to get involved as well. Typical meetings consist of a lecture or problem session, with past topics including cryptography, combinatorics, probability, game theory, randomized algorithms, and more.

Design Club 

Design Club is a student-run organization engaging in the practical, theoretical, and cultural usages of design to improve user experiences (UX).

GT E-Sports

We facilitate competitive gaming teams for Georgia Tech students. We also encourage a gaming community, both casual and competitive, through a variety of events for several games.


Georgia Institute of Technology Mastering Android Development (GITMAD) is an organization that empowers students to become app developers for both android and cross-platform applications. We teach all the fundamentals from basic app development to advanced industry practices and build apps in our project groups.

GOURD Visual Arts

GOURD is a community of art lovers and artists of all skill levels at Georgia Tech. GOURD hosts weekly meetings and campus-wide art events in its mission to provide GT students with a space to express themselves and connect with others.


GreyHat is Georgia Tech's cybersecurity club, where over 1,000 students come together to learn, collaborate, and excel in the field. We teach practical skills in analyzing, exploiting, and defending computer systems. Our club, facilitated through our Discord, provides a platform for discussion, job opportunities, and participation in security competitions. To further students' education and career prospects, we regularly invite industry leaders to speak to members virtually or in-person. Each October, we also host a beginner-level CTF competition for thousands of students around the world and invite corporate partners to contribute challenges and prizes.

WebDev @ GT 

In the Georgia Tech Web Development Club, or GT WebDev, we aim to foster students' learning of web development technologies and techniques. We have project teams that create interactive web applications; some past examples include a web-based video conference platform, a 3D map of Georgia Tech's campus, and a protest organization website. We also hold various hackathons, workshops, social gatherings, and company speaker events for any GT student to participate in.

iOS Club 

The iOS Club supports its members through a strong curriculum spanning iOS development and design by building apps in small teams. Our members routinely go on to work at top tech companies in the industry, publish top-ranked apps on the iOS App Store, and also go on to start their own companies. Spring 2022 projects ranged from an app to teach sign language to parents of children that are deaf or hard-of-hearing to scheduling, social media, and music apps.

BSCO (The Black Student Computing Org) 

BSCO is a community to students of African-Descent, pursuing Computer Science, Computational Media, Computer Engineering, and additional computing concentrations. Rooted in the pillars of Academic Support, Corporate Enrichment, and Community Security. The students of BSCO aim to equip, embolden, and uphold each other as they journey through the computing experience at Georgia Tech.

Competitive Programming @ Tech 

We are Georgia Tech’s competitive programming club. Competitive programming is a mind sport involving participants writing code to solve algorithmic problems in a short time span. The club hosts weekly meetings consisting of lectures on algorithms and practice contests, and members compete in online competitions hosted by platforms such as Codeforces and LeetCode. The club also competes at the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC), the premiere intercollegiate team-based programming competition that happens annually.


We are a graduate student organization that represents the interests of graduate students involved in research labs in the Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Machines (IRIM). We also organize a variety of academic, social, and outreach events, shown on the calendar below along with robotics-related talks, proposals, and defenses.


RoboJackets is a student-run organization dedicated to the promotion, education, and advancement of the field of robotics through competition and outreach initiatives. Our five competitive teams combine the talents of students from a spectrum of majors to represent Georgia Tech at competitions around the world.


We're Georgia Tech's video game development club. We help young game developers in all disciplines of the field learn their craft and hone their skills through semester-long, student-led games. We also strive to provide opportunities for those seeking careers in game development to explore their options and build connections.


Women at the College of Computing is an organization that empowers the female and non-binary identifying students of Georgia Tech studying Computer Science, Computational Media, and other computing disciplines by providing a space to meet other like-minded students and learn valuable professional development.


dependently-typed is the programming languages and compilers club at Georgia Tech. We host weekly meetings during which we discuss topics spanning the theory and practice of PL design. Here be dragons!

Quantum Computing 

A student-led organization dedicated to fostering a community, educating students, and offering resources for students who are interested in quantum computing and quantum information at Georgia Tech.

Supercomputing @ GT 

Supercomputing @ GT seeks to increase student involvement in supercomputing, aka high-performance computing (HPC), by creating a welcoming community and series of events where students can learn and get exposure to GT supercomputing research, industry, and resources. We host weekly meetings, faculty panels, guest speakers, talks about HPC, and technical workshops. We welcome all students who are interested in supercomputing, regardless of experience level.

Supercomputing has an amazing breadth of applied disciplines—scientific modeling and simulations, machine learning, trading and financial technology, big data, etc. It has technical depth—computer architecture & engineering, software optimizations, parallel algorithms, GPU programming, networking systems, and more. Our mission is to expose students to the field.