Admissions & Financial Aid

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Georgia Institute of Technology and the College of Computing admit students based on a comprehensive evaluation of each applicant’s achievements, aptitude and potential for growth.

Undergraduate Programs

Interested in applying to the Online Master of Science in Computer Science program?

Explore the OMS CS Program Information, which includes admission criteria and the academic calendar.

Financial Aid

Financial aid provides support for students to help meet the costs of obtaining a Georgia Tech education. There are a number of ways you can receive financial aid, including:

  • Scholarships & Grants
    Also known as “gift aid,” and include federal, state, institutional and private aid. Funds come from several sources:

    • Federal (Pell grant, SEOG)
    • State (HOPE/Zell Miller scholarship)
    • Institutional
    • Private
  • Work & Loans
    Known as “self-help aid,” this is provided by federal work-study programs and educational loans. Funds include the Federal Work Study Program and Education Loans.
  • Alternative Awards and Scholarships
    There are a number of alternative scholarships and awards available to student applicants.

Transfer Students

If you are currently attending a different university and are interested in transferring to Georgia Tech, please connect with an admissions counselor on the steps you'll need to take to become a Yellow Jacket. 

Find out about the courses that transfer students are required to take before being admitted to the College of Computing, below. These are different than the admission requirements for our incoming freshmen.