Sammy Otoo, Spring 2022 Graduate

New Alumni Explores His Culture Through Computational Media

As an Atlanta native, Sammy Otoo always dreamed of coming to Tech. Although he had imagined himself becoming a computer science major, Otoo fell in love with computational media on a visit. 

“The opportunity to not only learn computer science skills, but also history, media, culture, design, and communication skills, was a dream come true,” he said. His major has allowed him to explore his many passions, which include photography, music, and video game design. It has also helped him apply computer skills to real-life situations.  

Some of Otoo’s favorite classes may at first seem unrelated. One was CS 3750, which covers user interface design and how humans interact with their computers. Another was HTS 3025, the history of African Americans after 1865. For Otoo, a variety in curriculum let him create unique projects such as a short film.  

“I want to stay involved in creative projects because I have not had as much time making music as I would like,” he said. Culture is important to him and media is a way to express his background in new ways.

As a child of Ghanaian parents, his family’s experiences help shape his creative projects. With access to studio quality equipment, he has been able to bring his culture into the Tech community. His short film, The Bench, premiered in April and served as a reflective moment as his time at Tech was ending. “Be intentional about your time and how much you have available,” Otoo advises.  

Otoo will spend the summer following graduation traveling throughout South Africa as part of the OMED Diversity Abroad and Global Innovation Project. This will be the first cohort of the program.