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Course Updates, Spring 21

CS 4873: CS 4873 A, B & C (Computers and Society) is a new version of CS 4001 (same topics). CS 4873 has separate lecture and recitation sections. Students must register for a lecture (CS 4873 A, B, or C) AND one of the corresponding recitation sections. Restricted to sophomore, juniors, and seniors.

NEW PROB/STAT OPTION - MATH 3235 with MATH 3236 (both must be taken) can count toward the Prob/Stat requirement. The extra 3 hours can count toward free electives.

Intelligence Thread Updates

1. CS 4803 DL (Deep Learning) is approved for Approaches to Intelligence.

2. CS 4510 is the only course available for the Computational Complexity Requirement.  The perquisites for CS 4510 are (MATH 3012 or 3022) and (MATH 3215 or MATH 3225 or MATH 3670 or ISYE/CEE 3770 or ISYE 2027 with 2028) and "C" or higher CS 3510/3511

Master Course List and Procedures, Spring 21

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