Undergraduate Academic Policies, Procedures, and Forms

Advanced Standing

Placement exams for CS 1301 and Advanced Standing exams for CS 1331 are available the first week of fall and spring semesters.  Students are not eligible to take an Advanced Standing exam for a CS courses after attempting the course and receiving a letter-grade or “W”.

Petition to the Faculty

Students use this form when asking for an exception to an Institute or college rule or policy. Contact your advisor for instructions and schedule an appointment with Daurette Joseph on GradesFirst to submit the form.

Undergraduate Senior Request Form to Register for a graduate course

With permission from the instructor, senior students (90+ hours) with a minimum GPA 2.7 may take a graduate level course.  Docusign will be used in place of the paper Undergraduate Senior Request form. Follow the link below and scroll down to Paper Permit Forms section.

Undergraduate Research Request Form for CS 2698, CS 2699, CS 4698, CS 4699, or CS 4903

For students requesting a permit for undergraduate research. Follow the link below and scroll down to requesting research permits for instructions on completing the form in DocuSign.

Undergraduate Research Capstone Request Form for CS 4980

For students requesting a permit for the Research Option to complete the BSCS capstone requirement, in conjunction with LMC 4701 and LMC 4702. Follow the link below and scroll down to requesting research permits for instructions on completing the form in DocuSign.

Enrollment Request Form for CS 4400 X

Permission from instructor is required and can be obtained by completing this form and dropping it in the drop box located in the advising waiting area across from CCB 114/115 prior to phase 2 registration.  Permits will be issued before phase 1 registration ends.

Readmission Application

A Readmission Application is required for students on Academic Dismissal. Please complete the application below and submit to Daurette Joseph or by scheduling an appointment at https://gatech.gradesfirst.com.

Change of Major/Declare a Secondary Major

Students interested in changing majors to CS or declaring CS as a secondary major must sign up for a Change of Major meeting. 

Students interested in changing majors to CM or declaring CM as a secondary major can schedule an appointment with Wes Kirkbride at GradesFirst.

Midterm U’s

Students with more than one Midterm U will have a hold placed on their account.  Students will need to meet with their advisor to have the hold removed.  Schedule an appointment with an advisor by email. Find you advisor's contact information in our Undergraduate Advisor Directory.

Withdraw from an individual class/ Withdraw from all classes

Students interested in withdrawing from an individual course with a grade of “W” can do so at Oscar.gatech.edu by the midpoint of the semester as identified on the Registrar’s calendar.

Students interested in withdrawing from all classes should schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor before the Withdrawal Deadline identified on the Registrar’s calendar.  Georgia Tech requires students to sit out one semester after a full withdrawal or a petition to the faculty requesting for an immediate return.

Applying to Graduate


In order to graduate from Georgia Tech, you must apply using the Online Application for Graduation (OAG).  CS students will be invited to attend a special OAG meeting with the advisors and CM students are invited to meet with their advisor, Wes Kirkbride

Changing Grade Mode

All course work must be taken for a letter grade with the exception of CS 1100 and free electives.  Students can use up to 6 hours of free electives as pass/fail if you meet GT Institute regulations.  Students have until the midpoint of the semester as identified on the Registrar’s calendar to meet with their advisor to have their grade mode changed.

Grade Substitution

Freshmen who receive a grade of D or in a course within their first two terms in residence (first three terms for Summer Freshmen) are eligible to repeat the course and have the original grade excluded from the computation of the academic average.  Grade substitution may be used only once per course, with a maximum of two courses total.  The course must be repeated within your first four terms in residence (first five for Summer Freshmen).  After receiving a grade in the course you are retaking, schedule an appointment with your advisor to have the grade substitution form completed before midpoint of the semester as identified on the Registrar’s calendar.

International Plan

The International Plan is Georgia Tech's globally-focused degree designation for students interested in making global competence a core part of their GT experience.  Interested students should contact Dawn Rutherford or Daurette Joseph to set up an academic plan.

Research Option

The Research Option offers students the opportunity for an in-depth, long-term research experience that culminates in a final paper or thesis.


Tutoring is available through the College of Computing for CS 1301, CS 1331, CS 1332, CS 2050, CS 2110, and CS 2200.  You can request a tutor on the tab below.  The Center for Academic Success offers 1-1 tutoring for 80 undergraduate courses.  You can sign up online at: http://success.gatech.edu/tutoring/1-to-1/courses-supported

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