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Introduction to Data Engineering Hosted by Bloomberg Engineering


What Is Data Engineering?

Data Engineers are in demand. It seems like every tech company out there is hiring Data Engineers. But what do these mythical beings actually do?

In this tech talk, Tero Paananen, a Data Engineer at Bloomberg, talks about the different types of work Data Engineers perform at companies like Bloomberg. We'll talk about Data Engineering 101: what it is and why is it important. As well as, idealized tasks for a Data Engineer and skills to acquire to do them well.


Tero Paananen - Software Engineer @ Bloomberg

Tero is a Data Engineer at Bloomberg specializing in analytics applications development. He has experience in crafting data pipelines, real-time streaming applications, Online Analytics Processing (OLAP) applications and data lakes. He mainly works with Java, Python and SQL leveraging distributed computing systems like Hadoop and Spark. He's worked with graph, document, key/value, columnar and relational databases and does a lot of data modeling and query optimization work.