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GVU Brown Bag, 2023 Doctoral Dissertation Research Lightning Talks

Clio Andris Photo 2021


How, When, and Should Robots Deceive Humans? 
Kantwon Rogers is a fifth-year PhD student (advised by Ayanna Howard) and has also served as an instructor for the undergraduate introduction to Matlab course for the past six years. His interests include human-computer/robot interaction, teaching, and baking cupcakes.

Building and Evaluating Controllable Models for Text Simplification
Mounica Maddela is a sixth-year PhD student advised by Wei Xu. Her broad interests are natural language processing and machine learning with focus on natural language generation.

Guidance Communication in Mixed-Initiative Visual Analytics
Arpit Narechania is a fourth-year Computer Science PhD student, advised by Alex Endert. He loves to apply techniques from information visualization, visual analytics and human-computer interaction to design systems that help users interact with and make sense of their data; these users span automobile engineers, digital marketers, database engineers, data scientists, and most recently geographic information system experts.

Creative Wand: A System to Study Effects of Communications in Co-Creative Settings
Zhiyu Lin is a sixth year PhD student advised by Mark Riedl. His interests lie in machine learning techniques to procedurally generate user-aware interactive experiences and the user experience revolving around it, i.e., the human-machine interface that stimulates mixed-initiative/co-creativity applications.

How to watch: If you can't attend. please watch the Live Stream, or view the Recording (available 30 days after event). If you have any questions, email us at gvu@cc.gatech.edu.

Schedule of Brown Bag Speakers Spring 2023