students sitting and talking
students sitting and talking
students sitting and talking

Explore Your Degree

The College of Computing’s undergraduate degree programs provide you with a pathway for self-exploration, innovation, and collaboration through our unique Threads curriculum.  Together, students and the Career Services team can chart a path where the CoC community and mentorship help open doors to professional success.  Whether you know exactly what you want to pursue or you need more time to explore the degree, our outstanding network of career advisors, student leaders, alumni, and mentors will provide you the support necessary to succeed. 

Career Exploration 

Career Services provides a space to discover your interests, discover yourself as a professional, and research opportunities available today and in the future.  Computing touches every industry and we are here to assist you with exploring all of the possibilities.  

Personal Branding 

Just like a company’s brand is what they are known for, your personal brand is your professional representation.  It’s an authentic representation of what makes you uniquely you. Your passions, perspectives and values; the photos on your Facebook page, the clothes you wear, the way you introduce yourself—all of these things convey your essence. In today’s job market, it is increasingly important to share who you are and what you have to offer an employer.  Think about your “and” as it relates to computing (computing + ____). 

ABC’s of a Personal Brand 

Check out this site for an A to Z breakdown for how to develop your personal brand  

LinkedIn for Students 

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking site, and your LinkedIn profile should be an important part of your branding strategy. Access videos and other tutorials to help you maximize the use of LinkedIn in your job search. Visit 

Careers & Threads 

The College of Computing Threads program is a one-of-a-kind curriculum that allows you the freedom to explore your degree in computing and create pathways for unique careers.  The beauty as you approach graduation is that you will learn from alumni and upperclassmen that your Threads do not define you or dictate a specific career path.  When you leave Georgia Tech, you will have breadth and depth in engineering disciplines and the academic foundation that will allow you to pivot into new and exciting roles as you continue to grow and learn. 

computing career options


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  1. Considering working abroad, begin with GoinGlobal to help you navigate country-by-country

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