Adavya Bhutan

‘We Can Achieve More When We Work Together'  Graduating TA Highlights Value of Human Interaction  

Graduating computer science (CS) major and senior teaching assistant (TA) Adavya Bhutani has been integral to the CS community while at Georgia Tech. He’s had a front-row seat to the School of Computing Instruction’s (SCI) booming enrollment. 

But as online instruction becomes increasingly popular, Bhutani recognizes the importance of human interaction. 

As a CS1332 TA for over three years, Bhutani witnessed a substantial increase in student enrollment, particularly online, as lessons became virtual during the Covid-19 pandemic. To keep up with demand, Bhutani and his team served a crucial role in scaling the TA program to keep up.  

“The growth can sometimes be a challenge, but we’ve navigated that quite well,” Bhutani said. He took on the responsibility of leading 4 to 5 TAs at a time: overseeing homework preparation, scheduling, and ensuring consistency in grading.   

Adavya Bhutani
Adavya Bhutani served as a CS1332 TA for over three years. (Photos by Terence Rushin/ College of Computing)

He acknowledges the mentorship and positive culture SCI Associate Chair Mary Hudachek-Buswell and Lecturer Frederic Faulkner have created for TAs. Bhutani found community when he decided to join CS 1332 as a TA. 

“It was the best decision I made at Georgia Tech.”  

He says his favorite aspect of being a TA was the human interaction, which also extends to his professional interests.  

“My favorite part of being a TA was face-to-face recitation,” Bhutani said. “I’ve really enjoyed the human aspect and I wanted to understand that component behind internet systems. Software engineering is about collaboration. We can achieve more when we work together.”  

His passion for mentoring and understanding human interaction behind internet systems has been a driving force in his academic and professional pursuits. This includes a summer internship at LinkedIn. There, he worked on the Feed Experience team that leverages AI technologies to drive impact and create value for members.  

After graduation, Bhutani plans to pursue a master’s in machine learning at Georgia Tech and build on his undergraduate focus on the Intel Thread.   

Adavya Bhutani
Adavya Bhutani will graduate with a CS degree this fall. (Photo by Adavya Bhutani)

But beyond academia and work, Bhutani emphasizes the importance of balance and relaxation. He says discovering what you’re passionate about and finding community are significant parts of success in your academic journey.  

“Be honest about what you can take on and hold yourself accountable. But find time to be with friends and people who care about you,” he said. “It’s completely okay to take your time and not be working constantly.”