Student Registration Dates & Information - Graduate

Graduate Registration Information 

The schedule is subject to change at any time.  Students should refer to OSCAR for the most up to date information.

Fall 2023 Phase II Registration

 In order to prevent the course hoarding behavior that causes many students to not to be able to get into classes and creates great stress for students with later time tickets, we will be using the following procedure for registration:

 All CS/CSE graduate courses will be PERMIT RESTRICTED until Friday, August 18.

New CoC graduate students and associated interdisciplinary programs (ACO, CSE, CSEC, HCI, ROBO, MLRN, etc) for Fall 2023 will receive a survey link that will allow them to submit their course selections. 

For new MSCS students, this link will be provided at their program’s orientation session. New MSCS students who do not attend orientation will not be able to register for classes until the permit restrictions are removed.

For non-MSCS programs, the survey link will be sent via their program coordinator.

This survey link will remain open until 6PM on Wednesday, August 16.  If you miss the survey deadline, you will not be able to register until the permit restrictions are removed on Friday.  Returning students will not be able to register or make changes to their schedules until these permit restrictions are removed.  

PhD students can request up to TWO CS/CSE courses.

MS students can request up to FOUR CS/CSE courses.

The College staff will process the permit requests Wednesday, August 16 after 6PM.

The Permit Restrictions on MOST COURSES will be removed by noon on Friday, August 18.  Restriction on AO sections will NOT be removed!

The Major Restrictions will be removed by noon on Monday, August 21.

Phase II registration will end on Friday, August 25 at 4PM ET.

We know this is not ideal, but the hoarding behavior of some graduate students, and the unavoidable limitations of the registration system, make these measures necessary.

 Project and thesis courses (as always) will remain permit restricted.  Some seminars require instructor permission and will still require permits. CS 8803 SRD requires instructor permission and will remain permit restricted.

Major restrictions will be removed by noon on Monday, August 21 for most of the graduate courses.  The following courses will remain major restricted for the entirety of Phase II: CSE 6001, CSE 6040, CSE 6740 B, CSE 6748, CS 6035, CS 6264, CS 6451, CS 6452, CS 6727, CS 6753, CS 6755, CS 7741, CS 7743, CS/CSE 7750, CS, 7785, CS 8750, CS 8751.  Instructor permission is needed to override major restrictions.

**You must limit your course search to “Georgia Tech-Atlanta” campus, so you aren’t seeing classes for which you are unable to register. Do not choose any sections that begin with “O”. ​​**


Permit Forms

We will be using DocuSign for all paper permit forms during this phase of registration.  Please click here for DocuSign instructions.

The form will be routed automatically to other recipients to review and sign. Once competed, all recipients receive the signed and completed form via email. You can check the progress of the form in your DocuSign account.

Please note that no academic credit will be given to grad students for 1000, 2000, or 3000 level courses.  For 4000 level courses, please check your academic program’s rules to see if they will count for you.


Undergraduate BSMS CS Students

Permits for graduate classes requires SENIOR class standing.  Please do not request permits if you are not a senior by hours.

Please remember that one permit is issued by CoC, the other by Registrar, so there will be a time gap in between receipt of the two permits.

Please limit the number of permit requests to a maximum of 4 courses. 

Graduate permits for NON BSMS undergraduate students will be issued on Monday, August 21.




College of Computing will be offering some remote course offerings this semester.  These courses will be offered on Atlanta campus and designated by the Remote attribute in OSCAR and by the “AO” section designator.  They will be Permit restricted for the entirety of Phase II Registration.  PLEASE LIMIT YOUR SEARCH TO “Georgia Tech- Atlanta” to find these.

FOR NOW, we will prioritize Fall 2023 degree candidates and new graduate students ONLY for these courses.  We may be able to accommodate more students after those groups are handled.   

  • Graduating Fall 2023 MSCS students do not need to contact anyone as I will be using my team’s degree audits to determine who needs which class for specialization requirements ONLY (no electives).  
  • Graduating Fall 2023 students in other degree programs need to go through their academic advisor/graduate coordinator as I will only accept requests for permits from those staff members.  Students may receive ONE (1) permit for Remote classes.
  • NEW Fall 2023 students can select ONE (1) of these courses on the new course survey.
  • NO students who are already registered for the Atlanta campus (section A) of a course will be granted a permit for the Remote section  (section AO).  DO NOT drop a class you are already registered for and then ask for a permit for an AO section.  We will not accommodate you.  

IMPORTANT FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: International students registered for 12 hours can only register for a total of 3 hours per term of remote coursework (section AO) to remain in status for your visa.  


**UPDATED** Fall 2023 Permit Timeline

August 14- Fall Phase II Registration begins.

August 18- Permit restrictions will be removed for most classes by noon.

August 21- Major restrictions will be removed for MOST classes by noon.  Permits for non-BSMS CS undergraduate students requesting graduate classes will be issued.  Permits for any undergraduate student requesting major restricted graduate classes will be issued

August 25- Registration closes at 4PM ET.



8903 Special Problems Research Form This form allows a student to register for a specified 8903 section
6999 MSCS Project Form This is the form to complete when you are proposing your MS project.  This form only needs to be completed the FIRST time you register for project hours
7000 MSCS Thesis Form This is the form to complete when you are proposing your MS thesis.  This form only needs to be completed the FIRST time you register for thesis hours
3000/4000 level form This is the form grad students who want to take a 3000/4000 level CS/CX course must complete.  The form must be completed by the course instructor.
1000/2000 level form This is the form grad students who want to take a 1000/2000 level CS course must complete.  The form must be completed by the course instructor.
COC_Undergrad Graduate Course Request form This form is for Undergraduate students who wish to take a graduate level course, including BSMS students.  NOTE:  Only Seniors with an overall GPA of at least 2.7 are eligible


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am aAtlanta campus student. Can I take an “online” class? 

A: No, students cannot mix campuses, which means Atlanta campus students cannottake “online” classes. 

Online is a separate campus and is only for students admitted into online programs such as OMSCS. Online classes are noted in OSCAR and the section begins withO. Do not choose any sections that begin with “O”. When you are searching for classes, make sure to choose "Georgia Tech –Atlanta*" for the campus, so youwill only see the eligible courses.  This is a registration system issue and cannot be overridden. 


Q: How do I check which permits I’ve been issued?

A: Step 1. Log onto Buzzport

Step 2. Under the “Student” tab select “Registration – Oscar” link

Step 3. Select “Student Services & Financial Aid”

Step 4. Select “Registration”

Step 5. Select “Prepare for Registration” 

Step 6.  Select the Term

Step 7.  View your “Registration Status” and any permits on your account will show under the “Permit Override” section.  If you do not have any permits on your account, the “Permit Override” section will not show.  


Q:  What do I do if a Course is CLOSED?

A:  Once the registration cap has been reached for a course, the course is full. In order to request a seat in a closed course, you must follow the instructions below.  We DO NOT accept requests for overrides.


Q: Can a professor help me get into the course?

A:  Please DO NOT email a professor to seek permission to enroll in his/her course, as professors have no control over this.


Q: What does this error message mean?

A:  If you try to register for a course and receive an error message, please refer to the link: for an explanation of what the message means.


Q: How do I add myself to the waitlist of a full course?

A: You can find the step-by-step directions and a video that explains the process here:


Q: What if the class and the waitlist are both full?

A:  The only thing you can do in this situation is wait until something opens up.


Q: I am not a CoC major, but I want permission to take a class.  How do I do that?

A:  See above for information about when major restrictions will be removed.


Q: I am a graduate student.  Can I take the undergraduate version of a course that is cross-listed with both undergrad and grad sections?

A:  If you are a grad student, you should take the grad section of a cross-listed course.


Q: When are waitlists removed from classes?

A:  Waitlists are usually removed from classes on the Thursday before Phase II registration ends.


Q. I understand that students appear on waitlists in the order that they attempt to register.  Is that initial order ever changed?

 A. Yes. Students may be move up on waitlists for classes that they must take to satisfy an undergraduate thread requirement, an MS specialization core or elective class, or to prepare for the PhD qualifying exam.


Q.  Can I register for a CoC graduate-level course if I didn't receive a permit?

A.  If you were not issued a permit for Phase I, this does NOT mean you cannot take the course.  You can continue to try to register for your courses during Phase II registration.