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GVU Center Brown Bag: Christina Harrington — The Future is Collectivism: Exploring Technology Co-Design From a Lens of Critical Design

Harrington Photo 2021


The question of who gets to contribute to design futures and technology innovation is an important topic across design and computing fields. This conversation has grave implications for communities that often find themselves an afterthought in technology design, and who coincidentally could benefit most from technological interventions in response to societal oppression. As human-computer interaction continues to frame the intersection of people and technology through a lens of access and humanity, it’s important to consider methods and approaches to computing that are inclusive and equitable, and consider culture and identity as components of interactions. Community-based participatory design allows us to engage those at the margins in design and also considers collectivism as a meaningful approach to speculating community and technology futures. I explore concepts of community collectivism as a way to address challenges of health and racial equity, employing critical theory and frameworks that may better engage marginalized groups. From this talk I hope to build upon the conversation of Who Gets to Future?, and explore recommendations for more equitable technology futures.

Speaker Bio:

As a designer and qualitative researcher, Dr. Christina Harrington focuses on understanding and conceptualizing technology experiences that support health and racial equity among marginalized groups. Her research as the Director of the Equity and Health Innovations Design Research Lab explores ways to employ design as a catalyst for health equity and socially responsible technology experiences. She explores concepts such as health, social acceptance, and collectivism through community-based participatory design and co-creation, engaging critical design and sociotechnical computing. Through participatory research methods she explores constructs of empowerment and access in design among vulnerable communities that have been marginalized along multiple dimensions of identity (age, race, ethnicity, income, class). Dr. Harrington is an Assistant Professor in the College of Computing and Digital Media at DePaul University and received her PhD from Georgia Tech’s College of Design.

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