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GVU Center Distinguished Alum Brown Bag: Heather Pritchett - Earth, Wind & Fire Magical Hair: A Trio of Production Challenges

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Production challenges are rarely solved by the pure application of code. Many obstacles encountered in the making of a CG animated movie balance artistic needs against production limits. Potential solutions often have restrictions related to budget and immovable release dates. This talk walks through three complex problems from Tangled, Moana and Frozen II and the solutions needed to resolve them.

Speaker Bio:

Heather Pritchett, (MS CS 93) started with Walt Disney Animation Studios shortly after graduation. After 28 years, she’s still enjoying her job. In her nearly three decades with Disney she has worked on theme park projects, videos games, shorts, live-action films, and animated films, both hand-drawn and CG. She is a frequent mentor for new hires and part of an internal committee that address workflow issues and technical debt. She recently finished up work on “Strange World”, which is hitting theaters on November 23rd. She can’t tell you about her current project because it’s still a secret. When she’s not recovering from a global pandemic, she likes to volunteer for organizations like Girls Who Code, PyLadies and Django Girls.

How to watch: If you can't attend. please watch the Live Stream, or view the Recording (available 30 days after event). If you have any questions, email us at gvu@cc.gatech.edu.

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