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IDEaS Generative AI Seminar | Adobe Firefly: Empowering Human Creativity with Generative AI - Featuring Dr. Oliver Brdiczka, Director of Applied Research, Adobe Inc.

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Abstract: In this seminar, we will dive into the fascinating world of Generative AI for Creativity. We will review the latest advancements in this field, including Large Language Models (LLMs), diffusion models, and their applications such as text-to-image generation and text-to-design template creation. A key highlight will be Adobe Firefly, a suite of Generative AI models released by Adobe in March 2023. This innovative product suite has revolutionized the creative process for millions of users worldwide, offering tools like Generative Fill that were previously unimaginable. We will look into the practical aspects of transforming these cutting-edge technologies into viable, user-friendly products, discussing potential challenges and pitfalls. Additionally, we will touch upon the ethical implications of these technologies, underscoring the importance of responsible AI development and use.

Bio: Dr. Oliver Brdiczka is currently serving as the Director of Applied Science at Adobe Inc., where he spearheads the integration of Generative AI technologies into Adobe’s suite of products, including Adobe Firefly. Prior to his tenure at Adobe, Dr. Brdiczka ran his own AI startup, and also made significant contributions to groundbreaking DARPA programs such as PAL and ADAMS during his time at Xerox PARC. Dr. Brdiczka’s research focus lies at the intersection of artificial intelligence and human-centered computing. Over the years, he has shared his findings and insights through more than 100 peer-reviewed research papers and has been granted over 40 patents.