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OMSCS Alumni Speaker Series

Headshot photo of OMSCS alumna Heidi Hysell

Title of Presentation: Building the Future Through Entrepreneurship: A Roadmap for those thinking of or currently founding a company

Presenter’s Name: Heidi Hysell

Room: Virtual (Link will be sent the day before the event)

Time: 12 p.m. – 1 p.m. ET

Date: November 16

Abstract: Let's cut to the chase—entrepreneurship and innovation are more than just buzzwords; they are mechanisms for positive change. In this talk, I'll share a roadmap for those thinking of founding or are in the middle of running a startup. We'll go through the critical phases and touch on topics such as idea validation, funding, scaling, and long-term impact. We'll go beyond theory and hear stories from practice. We'll talk about how we can build better futures; laying the groundwork today for a more innovative, responsible, and inclusive tomorrow. 


Heidi Hysell is the founder of Future Founders and works with founders and CxOs to build better businesses and better futures. Her insights, frameworks, and support enable organizations to envision the future and evolve businesses. With a track record that includes advising portfolio companies for Samsung Next, launching Alpha Drive, a pioneering startup in benchmarking embodied AI, and consulting with Fortune 500 firms with Board of Innovation, she's seen firsthand what it takes to succeed in this game and have an impact. 


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