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IC Spring Seminar Series with Guest Speaker Tucker Balch



AI is of course finding many applications in Finance.  I’ll illustrate with deep dives on three examples at a large U.S. bank: 1) Are the markets rigged? A detective story using ML and multi-agent simulation, 2) Fake it till you make it: The growing importance Synthetic Data in Finance, and 3) How to trick computer vision into predicting the future.


Tucker Balch was a professor of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech from 2001 to 2018. His initial work centered on machine learning, computer vision, and multi agent simulation to inform the study of social animals. He later focused on machine learning in finance and markets. In 2019 he joined J.P. Morgan where he helped establish and grow the AI Research group. AI research has grown to include over 120 PhD and MS researchers. The group’s success has contributed to J.P. Morgan’s #1 ranking in AI among banks worldwide.