David Smith


David Smith is and Aerospace Engineer with 31 years of experience in industry. He is in his 20th year as a Lecturer in the College of Computing. His primary accomplishment has been to design and implement CS1371, a course designed to teach Computer Science to Engineering students using the Matlab language. He wrote a text book containing the course content and has just finished drafting a video series for use in a “flipped classroom.” He has also taught a wide array of computer science classes.

In his previous career in industry, he was a software specialist and system architect. His most notable assignment was as the Technical Program Manager of the Pilot’s Associate program, a DARPA research program to determine the feasibility of applying artificial intelligence to support the pilot of a single-seat stealth aircraft. He has a significant number of publications from that experience, and was awarded the AIAA National Digital Avionics Award which he accepted on behalf of the 50 or more specialists who made that project work.  He retired as one of the founding Technical Fellows of the Lockheed-Martin Corporation.