S. Hart Williford

Chairman of Ingenious Med

S. Hart Williford is the CEO of Ingenious Med, with more than 30 years experience as an executive in software, revenue management, medical services, sales and digital media. Since joining Ingenious Med in 2008, the company has more than tripled in revenue, employees and resources. His experience extends world-wide as a previous leader of Digital Equipment Corporation’s Far East operations headquartered in Hong Kong. Prior to joining Ingenious Med, Williford held several other senior executive-level positions at leading companies including IBM, AT&T, VeriSign, NCR, Kirchman Corporation and Morris Technology. Williford has had significant experience leading software and service companies; in May 1999 he joined H.O. Systems and served as President until the company was acquired by VeriSign in February 2002. While at VeriSign, he continued to oversee the company’s operations as General Manager and Senior Vice President of Wireless Services. Over this five year period, the company became known for excellent service and its revenues grew seven fold. In addition to H.O. Systems, Williford has led four additional software solution companies through periods of rapid expansion and profitable growth.

In his most recent position, Williford served on the board and eventually joined Memorial University Medical Center as Senior Vice President with responsibility for its cancer institute, information technology, marketing and strategic planning, foundation and office of sponsored programs, business development and physician relations and recruitment. Memorial is a two-state academic medical center with US $800 M+ revenue.