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Georgia Tech Research Highlights Premier Artificial Intelligence Conference

Georgia Tech faculty and student researchers will figure prominently into the proceedings of the 35th AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, being held virtually from Feb. 2-9.

Twenty-three members of the Georgia Tech community contributed to 11 papers that will be presented at the conference, while two longtime contributors will join the ranks of the prestigious AAAI Fellows program.

School of Interactive Computing Chair Ayanna Howard and Professor Ashok Goel join College of Computing Dean Charles Isbell (elected in 2019) and Regents’ Professor Emerita Janet Kolodner (elected in 1992) are 2021 inductees to the fellowship, giving the Institute four members. The program recognizes individuals who have made significant, sustained contributions to the field of artificial intelligence.

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Notable research among the eight papers accepted to AAAI 2021 includes work from a multi-institution team working to understand and improve forecasting models of influenza-like illnesses like Covid-19. Effective forecasting is even more challenging amidst the current pandemic, when counts are affected by various factors such as symptomatic similarities.

The approach in this paper steers historical forecasting models to new scenarios where the flu and Covid-19 co-exist, demonstrating success in adaptation without sacrificing overall performance.

Georgia Tech’s Alexander Rodríguez and B. Aditya Prakash are co-authors on the paper, along with Nikhil MuralidharAnika Tabassum, and Naren Ramakrishnan of Virginia Tech, and Bijaya Adhikari of the University of Iowa.

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Explore Georgia Tech’s presence in this visualization and view a list of papers below.


A list of papers presented by Georgia Tech authors at AAAI 2021