Create an Application for Changing Majors to Computer Science

We are excited that you are interested in joining the College of Computing undergraduate community. Georgia Tech Computing is a Top 10 program in computing education and research. We offer an innovative curriculum with dedicated, world-class faculty. In the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree, you will choose two Threads that will combine general computer science instruction with specialized courses tailored to your interests and aimed at real-world computing opportunities.

We look forward to meeting you!

-The CoC Advising Team

Change of Major Policies and Eligibility

  1. All students must complete the mandatory Change of Major module to declare Computer Science as a major.  These modules are for matriculated students only.  You must be currently attending courses at Georgia Tech.
  2. We are only accepting double majors/dual degree students for the semester in which the requirements of the primary major are satisfied.  CS and Math double majors cannot do Modeling/Simulation or Theory as a Thread.  CS and EE/CMPE double majors cannot do Devices or Information Internetworks as a Thread.
  3. Students must be in good academic standing, meaning cannot be on Academic Warning, Probation, or Dismissal.
  4. It is recommended that ALL students complete an intro computing course (CS1301/1315/1371) with a grade of “C” or higher before changing majors to CS.  It is REQUIRED for sophomores-seniors changing majors into CS.
  5. Transfer students must complete at least one semester at Tech and be in good Academic Standing before changing into Computer Science.
  6. Students are welcome to complete the Change of Major module for informational purposes.

Change of Major: Application Process and Procedures

Students must complete the module, application, and have been contacted by a member of the CoC advising team, and submit the required documentation in collaboration with the CoC advising team in order to complete the Change of Major process.

The Change of major process is as follows:

  1. Complete the module and application during the application window that is posted on the website (at the end of the next section).
  2. Wait until a member of the advising team has reached out to you via email as they will give you further instructions on how to complete the process.
  3. Complete the process according to the emailed instructions provided by the advisor.

Note: There is no change of major meeting and forms sent to advisors outside of this posted procedure will not be processed, even if the module has been completed.

  • After completing the module, students may submit a Change of Major Form up until the end of the current academic year (Fall-Spring-Summer). A new academic year begins each summer and students are required to complete the module again once a new academic year begins.
  • Only eligible students, or students who meet current change of major requirements, should complete the COM form.

General inquiries should go to

Change of Major: Application Window Information and Module

Please click here for the change of major module. Application is currently closed but will reopen September 27, 2021.

  • Students can take the module multiple times, but should only fill out one (1) application.

  • Students who visit this page outside of the application window can still view the module, but will need to redo the module when the application window reopens in order to apply.

  • The module will be updated with the applications during the date range listed below and accepted until meetings reach maximum capacity.

  • If/when maximum capacity is reached, then applications will be disabled until the next available application range and students should sign up then.

Eligible Students who complete the change of major application will be contacted via email by an advisor by the date as indicated below. with additional information including the change of major instructions.

Students who do not currently meet the requirements to change to CS should follow those instructions after they meet the requirements to change to CS.


Sign up Window and Communication Timetables, Fall 2021

Below is the cycle by which students can apply and when the CoC advising team will reach out to qualified applicants:

Application Window

September 6th-September 13th

Advising Team/Student Contact by

September 20th



Application Window

September 27th-October 1st

Advising Team/Student Contact by

October 11th



Application Window

October 18th-November 1st

Advising Team/Student Contact by

November 15th



Application Window

November 15th-November 29th

Advising Team/Student Contact by

December 6th