Hybrid Masks

TEST - This Hybrid Mask is Easy to Make and Helps Prevent Disease Spread

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A team of student entrepreneurs at Georgia Tech has developed a do-it-yourself hybrid mask and face shield to help people stay safe during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Using household items, the DIY mask/face shield can be made in 30 minutes or less and requires no 3D printing.

According to Tillson Galloway, a second-year computer science student and one of the creators, the hybrid mask/face shield is designed to be comfortable, convenient, and protect against micro-particles.

“Medical studies indicate that people touch their faces an average of 23 times an hour, which is one of the leading causes of infection. But, there is a shortage of medical-grade masks and most of DIY masks people are using are uncomfortable, ill-fitting, and provide a false sense of security,” said Galloway, who is from Charleston, South Carolina.

“Our hybrid approach prevents people from inadvertently touching their faces because it fully covers the face.”

Dubbed ‘Project FREE: Face Masks Reducing Exposure for Everyone’ by the developers, the hybrid DIY mask/face shield is made using a baseball cap, a jacket zipper, a cotton blend t-shirt, and a clear plastic book cover.


Tools needed for the project include:

• Scissors
• Stapler
• Needle and thread
• Marker
• Ruler


FAQ - Prospective Students

Should I apply to the CSE or Computer Science (CS) degree program?

The CSE program includes emphases in areas such as high performance computing, data analytics, machine learning & visualization (e.g., for web search or data analytics), modeling and simulation, computational mathematics and numerical computing, computational science, and computational engineering, as discussed elsewhere on this web site. Also, the CSE degree program includes an emphasis on interdisciplinary research.

How should I select a home unit in the CSE program?

For Ph.D. students, an important consideration is the home unit of the program faculty with whom you have the closest research interests, since such faculty will most likely become your research advisor(s). In general, students homed in a particular discipline will be expected to have some proficiency within that discipline; for example, students homed in the School of Biology would be expected to have or develop a proficiency in Biology.

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